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Contact Us

Factory 4, 2-4 Joseph Street

Blackburn North VIC 3130

Post: PO Box 137, Doncaster VIC 3108

Phone: (03) 9897 3688

Fax: (03) 9897 3733


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"Great people, inspiring trainers and it's always fun!"
William Pham, member since 2006
"Never stop striving for something you are passionate about"
Winni Chau, member since 2011
"Meet new friends, improve as a player and be a part of a club"
Hans Leung, member since 2011
"Nothing makes CNY shine more than the energy of our youth"
Katherine Chan, member since 2000
"Great way to wind down and play the game you love"
Jason Tam, members since 2012
"Heart, Spirit, Brother! this is Chinese Culture!"
Ching Tan, member since 2000
"Achieving a lion dance rank with my best friend"
Megan Chau, member since 2004
"Being a part of something bigger than yourself, a brotherhood"
Demetrios Demetriou, member since 2011
"Make new friends and keep in touch with old ones"
Tom Luo, member since 2006
"Fun, excitement, power, discipline and it's awesome"
Colin Lau, member since 2012
"Lion dancing brings people together"
Bill Lau, CYSM President
"Sharing aspects of Chinese culture is important"
Winnie Chen, member since 2008


The Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne is a non-profit youth society which celebrates and promotes all aspects of Chinese culture. Our members come from Australia and abroad. They come to participate in the different range of Culture, Sport and Community activities we offer.